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What you can doEdit

Wikis are fool-proof. Ruination is our last worry. We just want your help; start digging. Did your mother scold you the first time you fell? We will grin and fawn all over you just like she did.

Add an articleEdit

There are many red links throughout AutoCAD Wiki that indicate potential needed articles. You can click on any red link and start writing.

Contribute codeEdit is owned by a solvent corporation and is headed by Wikipedia key personnel Jimbo Wales and Angela Beesley. Take advantage of that security and use AutoCAD Wiki as your personal or corporate project repository.

Document some custom codeEdit

If you are not a programmer, try to figure out one of the customization programs, and add documentation comments as you see fit. If you are a programmer, do the same thing.

Improve a customization programEdit

If you are a programmer (or maybe just beginning), improve one of the custom programs or menus.


For now, we are keeping here a list of some of our more interesting articles.

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